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Compressed Air
90-100 PSI
16 CFM Max
Hose 8’
RTU Only Prep Station Systems
Part Number:  612006RTU - 1 Gun RTU System - $7,840.00
                        612000RTU - 2 Gun RTU System - $12,820.00

Allows you to use RTU (ready to use) chemicals only

Can use iodine and peroxide type chemicals

All mechanical operation, no electricity required

Powered by air pressure

Sends lubricated air and RTU chemicals to guns

Durable stainless wall mounted unit

Height-10”   Width-14”   Depth-5”
Gun Hose Festoon System
Part Number:  612210 - 10’ Festoon System - $476.00
612220 - 20’ Festoon System - $831.00
612230 - 30’ Festoon System - $1,022.00

Stainless rails

Keeps gun hose off of floor

Smooth running trolleys

End stops and gun hose bracket

Available in 10’, 20’ or 30’

30’ festoon and gun hose covers 50’ of parlor

One festoon needed for each gun

Gun hose attached near middle of festoon

Hose glides either way from center
Service Box
Part Number:  612002 - $3,155.00

Contains most common replacement parts and servicing tools for advanced Udder Gun service

Intended for Udder Gun users with multiple systems

Height- 14”   Width- 12½”   Depth- 8½”

Weight: 10 lbs.
Extended Spare Parts Package
Part Number:  612011 - $2,810.00

All systems include a spare parts box.

The extended spare parts package nearly doubles the common wear parts of the system spares.

Weight: 10 lbs.