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Outperforms all others for superior cleaning and stimulation

• Exclusive elastomer teat belts use flaps to contact and conform to each teat.
• The belts auto adjust to size and shape of teat.
• Teat end is cleaned when entering and exiting teat belts.
• As the teat belt flaps rotate around the lower shaft, they accelerate to flick off water and debris.
• Water/ chemical mixture sprayed onto belts and teat at 6 oz./min.
• 2 stage trigger allows the operator to turn off liquid and keep belts moving to partially dry off teats.

Quick No Tool Disassembly

• Exclusive teat belt design
• More complete teat coverage
• Auto adjusts to teat size
• Excellent stimulation
• Quick and thorough cleaning
• Air driven

Teat Belt Features

Elastomer Teat Belts for long life, even when using sand bedding.
• Ribs on flaps provide fast cleaning and greater stimulation.
• Segmented, overlapping flaps that gently conform around the teat.
• Double ribbed flaps can be flipped for more life.
• Reversible belts for double the life.

Drive System

• Dual belts power all four spindles
• Drive belts also tension teat belts together   adjusting for teat size and shape

Inside The Udder Gun

• Powerful, compact Air motor
• Trigger operated air and water valve

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