Udder Guns
• Compact and lightweight, 2.5 lbs.
• Ergonomic, balanced pistol grip design
• Powerful air motor driven
• Trigger operated
• Durable, impact resistant ABS material
• Narrow design for better udder access
• Quick change, modular design
• Easy open covers

• Mixes water and chemical to desired proportion
• Adjustable mix ratio
• Can also run RTU product
• All mechanical operation, no electricity required
• Powered by air and water pressure
• Sends water/chem mix to guns
• Durable wall mounted unit
• Height-24”  Width-14”  Depth-8”

Compatible Pre-Dip Chemicals
• Pre-dip should include emollients for lubrication, do not run water only or damage to teat may occur
• Iodine
• Lactic Acid
• Hexidine
• Peroxide
Do NOT use with strong oxidizing chemicals such as:
• Hypochlorous Acid
• Sodium Hypochlorite

Gun Hoses 33’
• Durable rubber
• Flexible and lightweight
• Supplies air and fluid
• Quick couplers on inlet

Water 25-60 psi

Compressed Air
90-100 PSI
16 CFM Max

• Gun holster with water spray flush
• Inserting gun starts water flow
• Automatic timed valve shuts off
• Stainless steel construction
• Versatile mounting system

One 50’, Two 25’

Chemical/Water mix

Chemical suction hose 8’

Example Installation

Prep Station Location

Flush Station Mounting

Parlor Hosing

Hose Festoon by others


What’s Included

Example System Hose Layouts