Dealer Contact Form

        New Udder Gun Dealers Wanted
        Who can be an Udder Gun dealer?

        • Anyone in regular contact with dairy farmers that have milking parlors.
        • Businesses that already sell products to dairy farmers and need another quality product to sell.
        • Route truck drivers, milk haulers, feed truck drivers or farm repair services.
        • Dairy farmers can also become Udder Gun dealers. For dairy farmers, you may qualify to become a dealer when purchasing your second system for resale.

        What is in it for me?

        • Selling Udder Gun systems and replacement parts can be a great revenue stream for you and your business. There is an attractive dealer margin on systems and parts. A dealer would buy Udder Gun products through our website at dealer prices, then sell them at retail prices to their customers.
        • You can also make income by installing systems and servicing your customers at the rate you choose.

        What is expected of me as an Udder Gun dealer?

        • Our goal is to make the Udder Gun brand profitable for dealers and customers. To accomplish this, we are committed to producing the highest quality, money saving products and our dealers would provide the best possible sales, service, training and support to their customers.
        • Dealers are encouraged to purchase and stock Udder Gun replacement parts so customers can be quickly serviced. Keeping the customer’s Udder Gun system operational benefits everyone.

        How do I become a dealer?

        • Create an account on (no purchase necessary).
        • Fill out the new dealer request form online and submit.
        • We will review your information and notify you if approved.
        • If approved, we will change the status of your account to a dealer.
        • We will email you a price list along with the dealer information guide.
        • Visit our “How To” web page for training on installation, operating and maintaining an Udder Gun system.